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Key eCoach System Features

The eCoach ISO 9001 Learning System is loaded with all the information, methods, and tools needed to develop, implement, and gain certification to ISO 9001

  • ISO 9001 requirements explained in simple everyday language and translated into actionable tasks

  • Contains 14 eLearning modules, 80 Lessons, and over 150 documents and templates

  • 3 eCoach system levels to choose from – or contact us to create a custom eCoach product that fits your specific needs

  • Build your ISO system at your pace as time and resources allow, whether it takes 2 months or 2 years

  • Access expert support and help via email, phone, online, and even on-site if desired

  • Checklists and project management framework track and monitor progress with your ISO implementation project

  • Expert Guidance and support for completing your ISO 9001 certification audit

  • No-Risk 14-day free system trial allows you to test drive the system without any cost or risk

Here is what you get with the eCoach ISO 9001 Learning System

1) Full access to the Online ISO 9001 eCoach Learning System

All the needed tools for quality management including 14 system modules containing over 80 individual step-by-step lessons which will lead your organization through the development, implementation, and certification of an ISO 9001 management system.

Each lesson is packed with ISO 9001 guidance and knowledge in easy to understand language, all the required document templates and examples, checklists and worksheets to facilitate completion of tasks and deliverables, and many other value-adding tools to track progress through the system and ensure project success.

The guidance information provided in each lesson interprets the ISO requirements in easy to understand language and provides guidance as to how you might best address these requirements within your own company.

Sample Course Curriculum

Screenshot of EBS Example eCoach Module & Lesson List

Full eCoach ISO 9001 Curriculum List


2) Complete ISO 9001 Documentation Package

The eCoach Learning System includes a full set of ISO 9001 quality management documentation including:

  • Over 25 Example ISO Procedures
  • Over 50 Example ISO Forms & Templates
  • 50 Worksheets and Implementation Tools
  • 30 Process Maps and Flow Charts

The included documentation provides an entire ISO 9001 framework that is easily modified and completed to fit just about any organization. The Documented Information Lesson along with the Process Definition Lessons help to defined the actual documentation and records that will be required by your company. Each document template includes detailed information which provides guidance for completing the document content.

The eCoach ISO 9001 Learning System documentation also includes a full set of ISO 9001 documents (procedures, forms, specs, etc.) built around a fictitious small company and which provides a snapshot of what an ISO 9001 management system might look like. You are free to download and use these documents as baseline templates while developing your own ISO compliant system.

All course documents are downloadable and are available in several common formats such as PDF and native editable formats such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Visio, etc.).

Check out a few eCoach document samples!

3) ISO 9001 Learning System Implementation Tools

As part of the eCoach Learning System, you get lessons and tools to aid in the development and implementation of your ISO 9001 management system which includes:

  • Checklists and Worksheets which define the tasks, actions and decisions required to develop and implement the system;
  • Basic project management framework which provides a method for tracking and controlling your overall ISO 9001 system project;
  • Full guidance information providing easy to understand interpretation of the ISO 9001 standard along with references to many external guidance documents. 
  • Requirements and options for all ISO management system documentation that might be needed within your organization;
  • Discussion, options, and recommendations for controlling your ISO management system, including the use of ISO 9001 specific software applications;
  • Audit expectations that define the approach your ISO 9001 auditor might take when assessing compliance and effectiveness of your management system and how you might best prepare for certification audits;
  • Examples of some possible measures and metrics to be considered to monitor and evaluate process and system output, results, and performance.

4) Business Tools and Methods

The new ISO 9001:2015 standard now requires organizations to complete some level of strategic analysis and planning activities along with actions to identify and address business and organizational risks. To help companies who have not yet established these fundamental business practices, our learning system provides some basic tools and methods that sufficiently satisfy the ISO requirements, including processes for situation analysis, strategic planning, risk management, SWOT analysis, etc.

For organizations that want to pursue excellence in strategic management, we offer tools and methods that not only meet the ISO standard requirements, but push your organization to even higher levels of performance excellence. 

5) System Support

The real value in our eCoach Learning System is the coaching and support provided by our eCoach ISO experts. While the eCoach System provides a huge amount of quality management knowledge, guidance, documentation, and tools, what really makes this system incredible is access to expert consultants who are ready to answer questions, review completed work, provide direction, and even help complete tasks when needed.

Each product level (see next section below) comes with everything in items one through four above, including all system modules and lessons, a full documentation package, and the implementation and business tools. What differs with the three system level options is the amount and type of support provided. Depending on the eCoach Learning System level purchased, support may include:

  • 30 minute initial On-boarding Conference to address any initial system or ISO issues (all levels)
  • Email support which provides answers to questions within one business day (all levels)
  • Weekly 30 minute Target eCoaching one-on-one conference to address open issues (Plus / Pro Levels only)
  • 10 hours of Advanced eCoach Support to be used as desired and needed (Pro Level only)

We've attempted to create a product level for the majority of our potential clients with the Basic Level for those organizations that already possess a strong knowledge and understanding of ISO 9001 and only need some occasional email support, to the Pro Level which delivers significant support for companies who need a much greater amount of guidance, coaching, and direction.

Since each learning system level may not be a perfect fit for all companies or for those clients that may have mis-judged the amount of support they would need, EBS offers additional add-on support allowing clients the option to purchase additional support as needed to get through their ISO 9001 project. Add-on support may be used for just about any consulting work including:

  • General client site or remote (EBS Office) work
  • ISO certification audit readiness review and training
  • ISO certification audit representation
  • Document review and assessment with feedback
  • Management system internal audit
  • Management review meeting support
  • Any other needed support services

No matter what your level of experience or knowledge with ISO 9001, the right level of support is always available.

6) ISO 9001 Certification Support

Most companies that develop and implement an ISO 9001 management system do so with the intent of gaining third party certification. The eCoach learning system dedicates an entire system module to helping you navigate the ISO 9001 certification process. This includes:

  • Identification of the right Registrar (auditor)
  • Contracting and communicating with your Registrar
  • Preparation and training for the audit
  • What to expect and how to behave during the audit
  • How to address any nonconformances sited by the auditor

As an add-on service, you can even have an EBS consultant provide support on your side of the table during your audit.


Three eCoach Product Levels to Choose From

Yellow Wall with Three White Doors to Choose From

The EBS eCoach Learning System has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of potential clients. Each eCoach learning system product level automatically includes all the system documentation, guidance, knowledge, and tools. If you find that none of the three product levels meet your needs, consider purchasing the one closest to your needs and augmenting that product with Add-On Support as desired.

Another option is to Contact Us to discuss a custom eCoach learning system solution. We would be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and tailor a product that fits your organization and objectives. Following is an overview of each of the three standard eCoach product levels:


1) eCoach ISO 9001 Basic

This product level was developed for those organizations that already have strong knowledge and experience with ISO 9001 or similar management systems. These organizations want access to the eCoach system documentation and tools but feel that their need for continuing support is minimal. Support at this level consists of a 30 minute initial on-boarding conference and basic email support where answers will be provided within one business day.

Organizations selecting this product level should have one or more resources with significant experience and knowledge of ISO 9001.

2) eCoach ISO 9001 Plus

This product level was developed for those organizations that have some level of ISO 9001 management system knowledge and experience. These organizations need access to both the eCoach system documentation and tools and a reasonable amount of support to guide them through their ISO 9001 endeavor. This level contains everything from the Basic Level plus access to interactive live support such as weekly 30 minute one-on-one "Target eCoaching" conferences with our ISO consultants.

While organizations selecting this product level may not have a knowledgeable or experienced ISO 9001 resource, they should be able to provide a resource who can dedicate significant time and effort to learning about ISO 9001 and developing the ISO management system.

3) eCoach ISO 9001 Pro

Designed for organizations that have little to no knowledge or experience with ISO 9001 or similar management systems, this level provides the greatest amount of support of the three levels. This product contains everything from the Basic and Plus Levels plus ten hours of Advanced eCoach Support with our ISO consultants. This time can be used in any way the client desires throughout their ISO implementation journey, even on-site support at their facility if needed. Note that onsite support may incur additional travel costs for the client.

Who is The eCoach ISO 9001 Learning System For?

3D Arrows Hitting Bullseye on Multiple Blue Targets with Black BackgroundThe EBS eCoach Learning System is really applicable to just about any smaller organization that desires to implement and/or gain certification to ISO 9001. The ISO 9001 standard is a general management system standard which is applicable to just about any company size, industry, market, or geographic location. While ISO 9001 has predominately been associated with manufacturing companies over the years, it has always been applicable to the service sector too. In fact, the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standard included changes to better align with and be adaptable by service-oriented organizations.

The EBS eCoach learning system has been written with a slant towards smaller companies, either manufacturing or service types. EBS' ideal clients are generally smaller, single location OEMs or Tier I suppliers to OEM companies. Our clients come from markets such as plastic molding, printing, general manufacturing, contract manufacturing, engineering services, machine shops, job shops, and custom stampings. Our clients range in size from a couple employees to several hundred and which support industries such as retail/consumer, medical device, aerospace, automotive, and military / DOD.

The EBS eCoach learning system is universal and generic in nature and can be adopted by just about any smaller organization over a large range of markets and industries. If you are not sure if the system is right for your company, please Contact Us to discuss your specific situation and gain a better understanding of how the eCoach System can work for you. You can also schedule a Free Initial Consultation with one of our ISO experts to discuss your specific situation and get help deciding which product is right for your organization.


How Much Does the eCoach System Cost?

The eCoach Learning & Coaching System is available at three different product levels, each with varying degrees of support which means there is a system to fit just about every company and situation. Not sure which product level is the right one for you; take a test drive with our no-cost, no-risk 14-Day Free Trial or schedule a Free Initial Consultation.

Review the ISO 9001 eCoach Learning System Feature Matrix below to compare the three different product levels and determine which level is best for your organization.

We are currently offering a substantial discount to the standard pricing shown in the features list above for early adopters of our new eCoach learning system. Please Contact Us to discuss the opportunity to get in on this great new product and save significant money along the way.

Limited time discounted pricing for early adopters.

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