Key Features

  • End-to-End Support

    Continuous partnership from initial project planning through ISO certification audit, providing whatever level of support is required to meet your needs and objectives.

  • Engagement of Employees

    EBS engages and involves personnel throughout your organization to ensure full ISO system knowledge transfer and understanding when the project is complete.

  • Process Development

    Direct engagement with functional area management and process owners to develop new and optimize existing business and management system processes

  • Custom Turn-Key Solutions

    ISO management system tailor designed and developed to fit your existing business structure, processes, products, people, and culture.

  • Documentation & Training

    EBS consultants work with functional process owners to develop a full custom documentation & training package including procedures, forms, and process maps

  • On-Site Support

    Engagement includes significant on-site presence and support from EBS experts through the entire development, implementation, and certification phases.

How EBS Can Help With Your ISO Initiative

ISO Education & Training

One of the most fundamental things that we provide during the engagement is a huge transfer of ISO knowledge to all levels of the organization. This starts with executive level training on ISO leadership and system requirements and continues down the organization chart to functional process owners and finally to line staff. Your ISO system can only be effective if all employees understand how the management system operates, what their role is, and how they carry out their associated responsibilities.

System & Process Development

Once the project plan has been established and communicated, it is time to get busy defining and developing the ISO management system. Again, this starts at the top with the executive team defining the business strategy and management system scope, top policy, objectives, processes, resources, and roles and responsibilities.

Further process and system development work is completed at the functional level through detailed process definition, mapping, and creation of process documentation such as procedures, forms, work instructions, etc. EBS consultants provide training and coaching to process owners to ensure processes are well defined and documented. When needed, EBS personnel can augment your staff and help with documentation development.

ISO Certification Assessment

If you have never been through an ISO audit, the process can be a little intimidating or overwhelming. In the end, it really isn't that bad, but it helps to have someone in your corner the first time.

EBS can provide significant value by:

  • Helping select and contract with the right ISO Registrar for your organization,
  • Prepping your organization and people for the assessment,
  • Sitting on your side of the table and providing support and guidance during the audit,
  • Help addressing any nonconformances that might be cited by the ISO auditor.

Planning & Communication

Working collaboratively with company management, EBS helps define all project tasks and deliverables to create an ISO implementation project plan that captures all required resources, project timelines, milestones, tasks and deliverables, and due dates to ensure the project successfully meets your organizations objectives.

Effective communication concerning your ISO initiative to the entire organization is paramount to successfully carry out any ISO management system implementation. We work with your management team to craft a communication plan that ensures the entire organization understands the initiative, why its being done, how it effects each person, and how they can impact the system. Communication must come from the top and be done early and often.

Implementation & Execution

Before certification can be obtained, the management system must be fully implemented and verified to be effective. We recommend a "soft launch' to exercise (pilot) the system, get all the bugs out, and make any necessary changes and improvements. Once satisfied that the management system is ready, all processes and documentation must be formally approved and released.

Prior to your ISO certification audit, you must complete a formal internal audit and management review meeting and implement resultant changes, improvements, and corrective actions. EBS can help with these activities to ensure they are adequately completed.

EBS White Glove Services

Our ISO consultants and quality management methodologies will provide an ISO management system solution that fits your organization, schedule, and budget.

Let us create a custom turn-key solution that meets your exact needs and requirements.

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